Sex, Drugs, and Epigenome | Dr. Seeds Podcast

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Sex, Drugs, and Epigenome is a podcast about our health, the good/bad drugs that effect it, and how your born genetics can be influenced to increase wellbeing and longevity. We’ll get into sex (the gender, not the act,  and how things affect men and women differently), drugs (not illegal things, but the good/bad of pharmaceuticals so you know what you’re up against), and epigenome, which has easily become my life’s work— increasing cell efficiency.

Our expert is Dr. Seeds, a Board-Certified Surgeon of 25+ years, Medical Director of the Spire Institute, an Olympic training facility, and Medical Consultant for the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBC’s Dancing with the Stars.

He’s been treating professional athletes for years, and now he’s determined to get his knowledge of peak performance into EVERYONE’S hands. You don’t have to be an athlete to work at your full capacity everyday. You just have to care.

Sex, Drugs, and Epigenome | Dr. Seeds Podcast

Sex, Drugs, and Epigenome | Dr. Seeds Podcast

Sex, Drugs, and Epigenome | Dr. Seeds Podcast

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Episode 1: All About Your Immune System

This first episode is all about the immune system.

You know your immune system is the defender of your body from viral infections, but it is more than that.

It is the defender of your health, your wellbeing, and your daily ability to function at peak without sputtering.

This episode is a deep dive into this pandemic, what the treatments were in the past that worked, and how Dr. Seeds is treating his patients today with the virus.

His approach isn’t to race to a vaccination. His approach is to up-regulate your own immune system, in ways that accessible, effective, and empowering.

You will leave this episode more knowledgeable about your own immune system, and hopefully will spark passion to continue to learn about your own health.

Listen to Audio podcast here.

Watch it instead! Video Podcast of Sex, Drugs, and Epigenome here!

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