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Cellular medicine combines the biology of Functional, Precision, and Integrative Medicine, into effective protocols and treatments to improve patient outcomes.

The Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Grand Rounds Mastermind


Meet Dr. Seeds,

The World's leader in cellular medicine & founder of the ssrp

Dr. Seeds is a board-certified surgeon practicing medicine for over 25 years. He is the Founder and Chairman of the International Peptide Society, Faculty Developer and Lecturer of the A4M Peptide Certification Program, and leading peptide therapy researcher.

He is Chief of Surgery and Orthopedic Residency Site Director for University Hospital in Conneaut, OH. He has been honored at the NFL Hall of Fame for his medical expertise in treating professional athletes, and serves as Official Medical Consultant to the NHL, MLB, NBA, and NBC’s Dancing With The Stars.

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Board of Cerfications

Be Trained, Get Certified, Become a Fellow

For over 10 years, William Seeds MD has been privately training healthcare professionals on Peptide Protocols, Molecular Medicine, Cell Efficiency, and more.

Now, he is opening the door to all qualified healthcare professionals to not only train and get certified on Cellular Medicine, but to become a Fellow of the SSRP.

This is a vetted community of healthcare professionals at the forefront of medical advancement and dedicated to improving patient outcomes and the study of disease prevention and reversal.

Spearheaded by Dr. Seeds, Fellows will be invited to speak and present at future SSRP Grand Rounds.

SSRP Mastermind

Introducing: Cellular Medicine

Cellular Medicine combines the individual disciplines of Functional, Integrative, and Precision Medicine as comprehensive treatments that incorporates the latest in medical advancements like:

By gaining control of cellular efficiency & flexibility, we can direct the epigenome through stable redox for improved health span and longevity.

The result? The ability to work with disease in a radically different framework on reversal and prevention.

If you are accepted into the SSRP Grand
Rounds Mastermind I here is what’s included:


If accepted, mastermind
members will be expected to:

SSRP Mastermind

Arrive prepared for the main topics

These topics will be prepared and sent to each member in advance, along with supplementary research materials and journals.

SSRP Mastermind

Participate and contribute to the mastermind group

Thoughtful questions, case studies, patient outcomes, and participation in the private forum will ensure equal contribution to the group while advancing the medical challenge topics forward.

SSRP Mastermind

Provide feedback to the SSRP

In order to advance forward, radical candor and feedback will be requested of each member so that the mastermind will continuously progress.

SSRP Mastermind

Leave industry influence out the door

This mastermind is dedicated to medical advancement without the impact of corporate sponsorships.

SSRP Mastermind

The SSRP Grand Rounds Mastermind 2 Details Announced!

By the End of this
2-Day Event...

You will be ready and confident in the fundamentals of peptide therapy.

Lead by Dr. Seeds, you and your mastermind peers will have detailed info on the pharmacies that provide the quality products, the protocols, the dosage diagrams, and you will have the confidence in having another tool in your tool box as an integrative functional medicine healthcare provider in preparing for the future.

Beyond the post-event extras and certification, the most important thing is that you will be ready to utilize and implement these protocols immediately in your practice.

All Mastermind Members receive:

And most importantly, attending this Mastermind will provide you with an invitation to future grand rounds events by the SSRP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the mastermind event going to happen?
The mastermind will take place Friday, July 24 and Saturday July 25, 2020. 

Q: Can I bring an employee or colleague?
No, the mastermind fee is only applicable to 1 entry due to all the high quality collateral that will be sent after the event.

Q: Can I refer an employee or colleague?
Yes. Use this link and ensure that they write your name in the application form under referral.

Q: Are there any scholarships available for medical students?
Yes. mention this in the comments section of the application. These spots are limited and granted after Dr. Seeds’ direct approval.

Q: I am not in the USA, may I still apply?
Yes. But translation of material is not provided. If English is your second language, mention this in the application comments and we can work out a 2nd seat for your translator if you wish to supply your own.

Q: I paid but I found out I cannot attend. What now?
You will still receive all the post-event materials along with the recordings. You may take the certification assessment at your time. Once you pass, the certificate will still be mailed to you.

Q: What’s the difference between attending LIVE and Digitally?
Live attendees naturally have a major advantage. If you’re one of the lucky professionals to reserve a live seat, you will be able to submit your toughest case studies in order to be dissected by the qualified mastermind group. In addition, live attendees have the face-to-face interaction with Dr. Seeds, along with evening receptions and fireside chats. 

Digital attendees will benefit greatly from the mastermind curriculum. They will also be able to take the assessment for certification after the mastermind concludes to ensure knowledge retention and understanding.

The SSRP will be ensuring that digital attendees have ample time for questions and clarifications, along with technical inclusions that will allow them to receive the same knowledge as live attendees. 

Q: How do I become a Fellow of the SSRP Cellular Medicine Foundation?
Digital attendees must attend a total of 4 mastermind events in order to meet standard qualifications to become a Fellow of this organization. Live attendees receive the added benefit of becoming a fellow with 1 mastermind due to the live, in-person advantages. 

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