SSRP Refund Policy

The Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Mastermind

416 W 27th St, Ashtabula, OH 44004

(440) 226-5044




We understand that plans may change. A refund will be granted 7 days prior to the scheduled mastermind that was purchased. For example: if you purchased a mastermind ticket for January 14, and request a refund by January 6, you will be granted a refund minus credit card processing fees (2.9% + $0.30) and any physical postage of materials sent (if any).


For example: if you the refund date is granted a refund, you paid $2000 for your ticket, and you were sent $1.25 worth of material before the event: The refund amount will be: (-$59.55) $1940.45.


If no materials were sent yet, the example refund amount will be $1941.70 (-$58.30). 




There will be 50% refunds for any cancellations made after the full refund dates. For example: if the event is scheduled for Jan 14, but the cancellation request was made on Jan 6, that is 6 days within the event, and therefore, only 50% of the refund will be granted.


You will still receive the digital products of the mastermind.


NO physical post-mastermind materials will be sent.

If you pass the certification assessment, you will NOT be sent the certificate. However, you can order the certificate and pay the full price of $19.95. Contact info[at]seeds[dot]md for more details.




There will be no refunds for NO SHOWS. 


You will still be sent all the post-mastermind materials. You can still take the assessment for certification. If you pass, you will still receive the printed certificate.

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